RPA2000 is a non-profit making company, set up in the year 2000, solely for the purpose of certifying competence in ionising and non-ionising radiation protection practice.

Joint Certification Scheme
The Joint RPA/RWA renewal scheme has been reinstated but, currently, it is only for those who already hold an RPA Certificate of Competence from RPA2000 under the pre-2022 arrangements.  It is not yet available for first time RPA applicants utilising the 2022 scheme.

RWA Certification Update
As an interim measure the RWA Approval Board is content that any new applicant for RWA certification, or existing RWA seeking re-certification, who has obtained RPA certification prior to January 2022 can continue to use this to demonstrate part of the syllabus. So, this excludes new RPAs (certificates under the 2022 scheme), for now.

The RPA2000 system for RPA recognition has been revised!
The revised suite of documents supporting RPA recognition is now available and may be accessed via the RPA Certification Scheme page.  The specific documents are RPA1-4 which are the application forms for initial and renewal certification and associated guidance, and the general information and guidance documents G1-7, GD2 and GD3; the G-series documents are applicable to all the certification schemes provided by RPA2000. All applications for RPA certification or re-certification must be in line with the revised procedures as of 1 January 2022.

Update: COVID-19 and Recertification
As previously announced, and with agreement of the relevant regulators, RPA2000 has extended by six months all RPA, RWA and LPA Certificates of Competence with an original expiry date on or before 31st March 2021.  All Certificate of Competence holders to whom this applies should have been contacted by RPA2000 and confirmation of dates can be seen by accessing the lists of certificate holders page on this website.

This relaxation appears to have been generally effective in easing potential pressures on recertification. However, RPA2000 recognises that the ongoing situation remains variable and that there may be some certificate holders due to renew in the coming months who may be having difficulty collating sufficient evidence of ongoing operational activity. RPA2000 is willing to consider such situations on a case by case basis; any concerned certificate holders should contact the Administration Secretary (admin@rpa2000.org.uk) in the first instance.

Implementation of IRR17
RPA certificate holders who have been issued with a Certificate of Competence under IRR99 are advised that the certificate will continue to be valid up to its declared expiry date.

For initial (new) applications for an RPA Certificate of Competence, continue using the existing guidance and proformas on the RPA2000 website. This will also mean acceptance of evidence gained by applicants within the preceding 5 years that may reference IRR99. Where IRR17 differs significantly from IRR99 then annotate your evidence explaining how that evidence meets the requirements of IRR17.