RPA 2000 is a non profit making company, set up in the year 2000, solely for the purpose of certifying competence in ionising and non-ionising (eg. lasers, UV, magnetic resonance) radiation protection practice.


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Implementation of IRR17

RPA certificate holders who have been issued with a Certificate of Competence under IRR99 are advised that the certificate will continue to be valid up to its declared expiry date.

For initial (new) applications for an RPA Certificate of Competence, continue using the existing guidance and proformas on the RPA2000 website. This will also mean acceptance of evidence gained by applicants within the preceding 5 years that may reference IRR99. Where IRR17 differs significantly from IRR99 then annotate your evidence explaining how that evidence meets the requirements of IRR17.

List of Medical Physics Experts

Application for inclusion on the list of Medical Physics Experts has now closed (the deadline was 31st December 2017). The list of MPEs can be found here. In 2017 RPA2000 was instructed by the Department of Health to generate a list of individuals who have been authorised to act as an MPE by an employer in the UK under IRMER (2000). All individuals placed on the MPE List are expected to keep records of their ongoing training and professional development. For more details of the MPE Recognition Scheme see the the guidance from the Department of Health. We will post updates on a new MPE certification scheme, and on transition arrangements as soon as information is available.


For any queries, please email MPEapplication@rpa2000.org.uk.