RPA2000 is a non-profit making company, set up in the year 2000, solely for the purpose of certifying competence in ionising and non-ionising radiation protection practice.

MPE Certification Scheme
The “MPE application form” (MPE1) and the “Instructions for the Creation of the Portfolio of Evidence” (MPE2) have been reviewed and updated.  These are both now available and may be accessed via the MPE Certification Scheme page. From 1 January 2023, all applications for MPE certification must be submitted using the new application form.

Interested in becoming an assessor?
If you would like to become an assessor for any of our certification schemes (RPA, RWA, LPA  or MPE), more information on the application process can be found on the Assessors page. All work is voluntary, communication is mostly via email and work is carried out remotely.

Joint Certification Scheme
The Joint RPA/RWA renewal scheme has been reinstated but, currently, it is only for those who already hold an RPA Certificate of Competence from RPA 2000 under the pre-2022 arrangements.  It is not yet available for first time RPA applicants utilising the 2022 scheme.
Please contact the office to request the application form.

RWA Certification Update
As an interim measure the RWA Approval Board is content that any new applicant for RWA certification, or existing RWA seeking re-certification, who has obtained RPA certification prior to January 2022 can continue to use this to demonstrate part of the syllabus. So, this excludes new RPAs (certificates under the 2022 scheme), for now.