Further Specialist Certificates of Competence

The policy of RPA 2000 is to support the introduction of further Specialist Certificates provided that:

  1. There is justifiable and demonstrable demand from the membership of the Constituent Organisations for any proposed certificate, and
  2. Interested and suitably experienced members, from the Constituent Organisations, are prepared to form and maintain a Working Group (WG) to:
    • undertake the development of appropriate standards and to identify a sufficient number of potential assessors to make the introduction of the certificate a viable option; and
    • provide the Board of RPA 2000, for the lifetime of the associated Specialist Certificate, with ongoing support and effort in respect of the necessary scientific and technical competence and manpower associated with maintenance of the Specialist Certificate.

To this end, the following protocol has been established:

  • Any group of members from the Constituent Organisations wishing to establish a Specialist Certificate will have to complete a ‘Proposal to establish a Specialist Certificate’ and submit this to the Board of RPA 2000
  • On the basis of the information provided in the proposal, the Board will decide whether or not to support the development and potential introduction of the Specialist Certificate

Click here to view the full document relating to the introduction of Specialist Certificates, including the Proposal Form.