The Board appoints, normally from among the membership of constituent organisations, a Pool of Assessors to examine applications for certification and renewal of certification. Assessment is by peer review by a selected panel of three Assessors for initial certification and by two Assessors for renewal of certification. This selection will always be made by RPA 2000, although applicants may draw the attention of RPA 2000 to any conflicts of interest that might be thought to influence the choice of appropriate assessors. Similarly, before accepting a portfolio for assessment, Assessors must inform the Assessment Secretary if they identify any potential conflicts of interest.

Potential Assessors should be recommended to the Board by a Board Member, another Assessor or someone of standing in one of the constituent organisations. They are required to submit a CV to the Board to demonstrate:

  • a minimum of 10 years experience in a senior position closely associated with radiation protection such as senior professional Health Physicist in the nuclear industry, senior Medical Physicist or Consultant RPA;
  • a position which entails (or has in the past entailed) appraisal and management of the performance of individuals engaged in radiation protection; and
  • the holding of a current RPA 2000 certificate in the subject/work area in which they are to become an Assessor. Exceptionally, when a new specialist certificate is introduced, the RPA 2000 Board may agree to waive this requirement provided the potential assessor has the necessary expertise.

The Board will appoint one or more Assessment Secretaries who shall be Members of the Board. For each application the Assessment Secretary shall be responsible for selecting an Assessment Panel of suitably experienced Assessors to adjudicate on the application.

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