The RPA 2000 Management Board

The RPA 2000 Management Board                

The RPA 2000 Management Board is appointed in accordance with the Memorandum and Articles of Association. Nominations for membership of the Board are made by the Presidents of AURPO, IPEM and SRP. The Board shall comprise not more than one member from AURPO and not more than four members from each of IPEM and SRP, plus the Assessment Secretaries.

The current Board Members are:

  • Professor David Sutton (IPEM) [Chair]
  • Mrs Joanne Stewart (SRP) [Secretary]
  • Dr Gus Zabierek (AURPO) [Finance Director]
  • Ms Kathryn Adamson [Assessment Secretary]
  • Mrs Mary Allan (SRP) [Audit Secretary]
  • Professor Peter Marsden (IPEM)

Organisational Information

The RPA 2000 Management Board is responsible for:

  • the production, issue and review of operating procedures;
  • monitoring and reviewing the operation of the various certification schemes;
  • appointing a pool, including the secretary to that pool, of suitably qualified persons to assess and adjudicate on applications for certification;
  • appointing a panel to investigate appeals and deciding the outcome of these appeals;
  • ensuring that alleged failures to meet the necessary standards of competence are investigated and appropriate action taken;
  • maintaining a register of all certificate holders and associated records;
  • financial control including the setting of fees;
  • submitting an annual report to HSE and the constituent organisations.